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The Advantages Ductless AC Units

Have you considered buying residential and commercial ductless AC units?

There are many types of HVAC systems on the market today. They all provide comfort to our indoor space, whether in residential or commercial areas.

Today we will discuss about the ductless AC units. What are they and what are their advantages?

residential and commercial ductless AC units

Mini-Split Type Air Conditioning Systems

As its name indicates, ductless AC units, unlike other HVAC systems, don’t require ducts to operate and control your room temperature.

Usually called the mini-split types, they are mounted on the wall to provide heating and cooling.

The cost of ductless air conditioner may be higher compared to other HVAC units. However, if you discover its advantages, you will realize how you can save in the long run when you use it.

Here are the reasons why wall-mounted cooling and heating air conditioners are an excellent choice to cool your place:


The Benefits Of Residential And Commercial Ductless AC Units

  1. Flexible: The wall-mounted cooling and heating air conditioners offer air conditioning solutions which you can install almost anywhere. Other traditional central HVAC systems such as heat pumps need a duct for the air to flow through the interior space. However, with split-type systems, the cool air passes through the different areas of the room. Moreover, they are more efficient than the window types and other easy-to-install HVAC units.


  1. Saves money: Because the air doesn’t need to flow through the duct, no cool air is wasted. This results in more efficient cooling. Moreover, you can install units to the different parts of the area. Thus, when an area doesn’t need to be cooled, you may turn off one unit. Also, mini-split type air conditioning systems are an inverter type. This means it consumes less energy when controlling the temperature of your area. These features of the mini-split types save you money on your electric bill.


  1. Improves air quality: The residential and commercial ductless AC units have a multi-filtering system feature. This filters the dust, dirt, pollens, allergens, and bacteria from getting into your indoor home or office. Thus, you can be assured of your and your family’s safety while maintaining their comfort.


  1. Lowers carbon footprint: Carbon can be harmful to our environment. However, the ductless systems strictly follow the guidelines of the Energy Star. This not only improves energy efficiency, but it also reduces the carbon emission of the unit.


  1. Easy to install: They are very easy to install compared to other air conditioning units. You don’t need to install ducts. At the same time, unlike the window types, you don’t need to make a significant hole in your wall to install it. A hole of three inches from the wall is what you need for it to be installed.

mini split type air conditioning systems

Wall-Mounted Cooling And Heating Air Conditioners

Have an efficient cooling and heating system in your home today. Shop for the best deals on mini-split type air conditioning systems. Make your interior comfortable while saving money on energy consumption.

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