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Wrongfully Terminated? Get A Free Lawyer Consultation

In our work area, there are instances that we need to take legal actions about unjust treatment and inequality. Workers are the most vulnerable when it comes to unfair compensation, discrimination of workload among women and members of the LGBTQ, wrongful termination and among other issues.

An uneducated worker is the first to be victimized by cruel and greedy employers.

In order to avoid this kind of situation, we need a good lawyer to defend us from any unwanted conditions. We need lawyers that have hearts and conscience to defend the rights of the workers. In this article, we will look at the case of an employee being wrongfully terminated by his boss.

What shall he do if this thing happens to him? You should also know this kind of case because you are not protected by unjust treatment of the employers to their employees.

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What Are the Bases of Termination and What Should You Do?

There are lots of reasons why someone is being fired by their employer. You can be terminated for some factors like tardiness, poor performance at work, or other work-related issues. Termination is inevitable especially if the employer finds some fault in your performance.

However, there are moments that the termination is beyond the codes of the employees’ handbook. This is the time that you should take legal action.

Your contract tells you that you can’t be terminated. Review your contract with you and the company if you think the termination is unjust. If the provision guarantees you with job security there’s no reason that you should be terminated unless it’s a good cause.

You can’t be fired for revealing the truth. If the reason for the termination is due to the statement of illegal conduct you revealed to the authorities against your employer, then that is considered illegal.

Your employer violates public policy if that’s the case. The termination can also be invalidated if the reason is due to your absence while voting or attending a jury.

You can’t be fired because you are protecting yourself against harassment and discrimination. Your employer should not terminate you for such action because it is your right as a human being. It’s also under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that bars employment discrimination on the basis of race; gender, national origin, and religion (check Detailed Look at Labor Laws).

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