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Welcome to Panasonic Newsroom Global, a one-stop source for news about Panasonic worldwide. Founded in August 2010 and revamped as Panasonic News Portal in March 2015, Panasonic Newsroom is dedicated to gathering news worldwide about Panasonic news (Press Releases, Blogs, YouTube, etc.) and sharing it with people who are interested in learning more about Panasonic. Through feature stories on Panasonic's activities, we aim to share the scope and size of our " A Better Life, A Better World," through blogs on our products, our major exhibitions, examples of our innovative business solutions and many more! From local activities to global events, Panasonic Newsroom offers news coverage and flash reports of Panasonic's worldwide activities via a unified platform. In addition, this site serves to guide fans to regional social media platforms authorized by Panasonic. Ultimately, Panasonic Newsroom not only serves as news site for fans to know more Panasonic but also to initiate interaction between Panasonic and its supporters.

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In addition to this newsroom, we also update RSS and the following social media platforms.

History of Panasonic Newsroom

August 20, 2010:
Panasonic News Portal was born.
March 28, 2011:
Renewed top page and navigation design.
January 5, 2012:
Renewed to scrolling top page and better video media presentation. Introduced photo albums.
April 19, 2012:
Upgraded top page to timeline design. Introduced social media counter and user feasibility settings (categories/translation).
March 18, 2015:
Revamped as Panasonic Newsroom to integrate press releases and news video on Channel Panasonic into this site for improving usability.


We would like to note that Panasonic Newsroom is not a place to address personal Customer Service issues. Even though this is not the forum, Panasonic is always eager to resolve your concerns. Our local customer services contacts can be found at Global Support http://www.panasonic.com/global/support.html or you can see our list of Social Media Accounts to find the right channel for your queries and concerns here http://news.panasonic.com/global/socialmedia/.

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