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A Groovy Way to Celebrate with Hummer Limo Rental

Special occasions are paramount for every family member – birthdays, anniversaries, prom night, weddings and so on. These are the times where you get to bond with the rest of the relatives and friends. Spending extravagantly for special occasions like these is all worth it, even if you go for a hummer limo rental.

You heard it right from us. You can exaggerate your party and make it the most memorable party ever. Hummer limo is suited for every occasion. You can invite your friends and relatives, and have a splendid ride with them. All you have to do is to look for the right company to provide you the hummer limo.

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Benefits of renting hummer limousines

Gives total excitement for you and your guests. Your guests knew they are home when they are picked up by a hummer limo. Nothing can give them excitement than being picked up by this elegant vehicle. All envious eyes are looking at them with great awe and ah. Riding a hummer limo is like riding your own bar with all the amenities you can enjoy. The ruggedness and the elegant look of the hummer and limo are combined to make everyone special.

It carries a maximum of 24 persons. There are two types of hummer limo rental – the H2 and the H3. The former hummer limo carries a total of 24 persons and the latter can carry up to 14 passengers. Using the stretched limo alone is like already using a 30 passenger minibus. So, if you have a big group, you can rent the H2, and start the party on wheels.

It makes you an important person. It’s not everyone who can experience riding in a hummer limo or any kind of limo. Only those who have the privilege are lucky to ride in a limo every day. However, that limitation is crushed down; we want everyone to experience what the elites are experiencing. The hummer limo rental is now available for those who want to experience being an important person. Even in a single day-ride, you will feel proud and powerful in yourself.

Features of a hummer limo

Leather interior – the material used in the seats, cover are all made of leather to make it look luxurious and elegant.

DVD player, CD sound system, Plasma TV, and MP3 connectivity – These multimedia players will allow you to play the videos or music of your own style and preference. All of you will enjoy the party inside.

Tinted windows – The tinted windows makes you look VIP. It can also give you the privacy you want from the outside.

Neon light effects, fiber optic – creates a more exciting ambiance. The party inside is never gonna be boring with all the lights and effects.

Wider seat – the stretched Hummer limo is capable of carrying 24 passengers. The wide interior allows everyone to move around and go party all the way to the venue.

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Charlotte limo – limousine rentals and service

Ask us now for a hummer limo rental – the rental price, the type of hummer and what privilege you will get for a specific occasion. You can also choose different kinds of limousines that will match to your event. Check charlotte limo – limousine rentals and service out and give us a call.