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More than Just a Wave: Why Living in a Healthy Community is Crucial as You Age

Is there truth to the concept that your neighbors help keep you young? Let’s explore the concept of why living in a positive community is quite important especially as you age. No one person is meant to be an island. It’s pretty much hardcoded into our DNA. Our ancestors huddled together for safety and warmth.

This still carries true to this day.

While we’ve gone past huddling in caves or around campfires, we still need the sense of community and society that drives us. When you think about it though, one would beg the question why. However, the answer is simpler than one would think.

We need a sense of community to establish a strong sense of belonging to wherever you are. This is true in school, with your peers, and even in the work place. When we feel like we don’t belong, it gets toxic. This, in turn, affects us negatively. Have you ever had to go a place where you absolutely hated? Chances are you were feeling stressed, upset, and generally frustrated.

When prolonged, these types of feelings are known to have a detrimental impact upon the physical well-being of a person. When we’re stressed, our blood pressure goes up. When we’re upset, our ability for logical thinking and methodic decision making is impaired. We end up making dumb decisions that have severe impact upon our future.

So the reasonable logic that would follow would be to avoid a toxic environment. That would mean avoiding an unhealthy community.

So when it comes to where you’re going to live long-term, it is crucial that you choose a healthy and positive community.

A positive community is one wherein you feel like you can rely on your immediate neighbor to help you when push comes to shove. A positive community is one wherein you don’t have to kill yourself trying to get those who live around you to patronize your business. A positive community is one where you fully expect to get to know other people who live in your town. A healthy community is one where you’d be comfortable setting down roots and letting your family grow.

When you are surrounded by people that you can count on, it’s definitely less stressful overall. As you age, the list of things that should be prioritized gets clearer and clearer. As you age, no matter how much you may not want it to happen your body will be more pliant to your surroundings. It is important to understand your limitation and change your surroundings if you have to.

Don’t be the grumpy person on the block simply because you were too stubborn to change anything.

Everyone can become this. Everyone eventually succumbs to the effects of a negative environment. This means that no matter how tough you think you are, the environmental stress will get you—one way or another. So all the more it is important to choose a healthy community (like the one in Walhalla) to live in. Choose to protect your overall well-being.

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