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If you aren’t aware, the Greater Walhalla Area is home to some pretty gorgeous sights. Join us as we break down some of the sights and sounds that you can experience in and around Walhalla.

Stumphouse Mountain Tunnel

Located in Oconee County (which is relatively near Walhalla), stands the incomplete railroad tunnel. This tunnel was made for the Blue Ridge Railroad of South Carolina. Specifically speaking, it is found in the Sumter National Forest.

Walhalla has a vested interest in the maintenance of this tunnel. A developer once tried to purchase the land the tunnel was found on. Instead of selling the property, Naturaland Trust pledged about two million Dollars to protect the land. Up to today, various organizations have donated a significant amount of money in order to protect and preserve the location.

It is part of the National Register of Historic Places. So if you’ve ever wanted to see and feel a piece of true history, this is a great place to take the family.

Isaqueena Falls

This 30m high cascade waterfall is surely a wonder of nature. Historically, the falls are named after a Cherokee girl. It was reported by local legend that this girl had leapt from the top of the falls along with her lover from the rival tribe.

Yellow Branch Falls

If you’ve got a hankering for a nature hike with a pretty nice view as the goal, Yellow Branch Falls is for you. It’s a relatively challenging hike of around 1.3 miles.

The falls itself towers at sixty feet in height. If you’re planning on going on a hike here, it would be important to have a trusty guide with you. As the trail is quite challenging, thinking of your safety first is crucial. Have you guide give you tips on what to bring and what to wear as it may vary with the seasons of your trek.

Be smart and have fun!

The Keil Farm

One of the properties listed upon the National Register of Historic Places. It proudly boasts of its dated farm house and outbuildings. As per the experts, the buildings are dated at 1850. Built by John Henry Keil, Sr. his property is touted as one of the important symbols that represented the role of German immigrant families at the time.

Restoration of the property began in 1996. It’s a great place to visit for those who have a distinct admiration for history and the ties we can still visit today.

Patriot’s Hall: Oconee Veterans’ Museum

Another one for the history buffs. This place boasts of a significantly well preserved collation of military documents, photographs, and personal items. There are even halls dedicated to the personal accounts of our brave veterans.  The museum itself was built in 1933 and was once called “The Old Rock Building”.

It still stands strong today and is open for visitors every Saturday.

There is so much more to see in Walhalla and the surrounding county. It’s a comfort to know that we need to travel far to be able to see historic and majestic sights.

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